God is Unchanging

This is Day 5 of the youth Bible challenge.  Wow almost a week and I’m still writing, but writing about God is an awesome thing. I just hope that some of this stuff challenges you. God is amazing enough to …

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How and whom do I worship?

This is day 4 of Bible challenge for they youth. We have almost made it through a full week of studying God’s word.  Has it been a challenge for you? For me most days no but today I got so …

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God is a wise God

Here we are at day 3 of the Bible challenge for youth. The weekend is here and many of us are busy as ever going here doing this or that but don’t forget to leave time to study God’s word. …

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God is a gracious God

For those of you that are following this is day 2 of the Bible Challenge. In the devo it says to just stop, pause and listen to one of your favorite worship songs here is one of my favorite worship …

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The beauty of God’s character

Today we start our 30 day Bible challenge to see what God will do in our live when we let Him lead us by reading His word. The book we are using may only be a short two or three …

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God is good all the time


It has been a while since I wrote on here. I am hoping to change that and start writing more often I want to share some personal experiences and what God is doing in my life and through my life. …

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Wow God is Awesome


  Been  while since I have posted on here, but wow a lot has happened and I have been blessed by God and found favor with Him in my life. I often think of the my life verse which says …

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Enjoying life


  It’s already late spring and summer is right around the corner. Staying up here in Pennsylvania I have seen lots of different kinds of weather from snow to beautiful days. My days are coming to an end with Camfel …

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Still truckin


Seen this and thought it was cute. Hard to believe that I have been on the road for over a year and a half. Have had so many great times and met wonderful people along the way. God has blessed …

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Just a quick up date


Well we just finished a two week stay with a ministry that reaches out to youth in Central Pennsylvania, had a great time. Glad that there are people in the area that care for not only those teens and kids …

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