About Me

MeHi there,

My name is Juan LaGrandeur I currently live in Pensacola, Florida and work in retail.  I also work with the youth at my church.

I have enjoyed being back in Pensacola since June 2016. Before that I worked with a company called Camfel Production, doing school assemblies across the United States. I worked for Camfel for 2 years doing assemblies.

It made me realize that many kids today don’t think they have hope and to me that is so sad. I know that we have hope, people often ask me why I’m always so cheerful and I respond why not.  I know who is in control and holds my future and if we put our trust in Jesus and follow His word then we have nothing to fear.  I hope that my life shows each person that I touch that there is hope not in this world but In Jesus.

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