How and whom do I worship?

This is day 4 of Bible challenge for they youth. We have almost made it through a full week of studying God’s word.  Has it been a challenge for you? For me most days no but today I got so busy with other things that i was a little tough.

I find it interesting that in the beginning of this devo that they describe an angel and that this has to do with worship. I have wanted to talk to you guys about worship and see what your thought were on this subject. And since starting this devo it has been brought up at least three times.  So i will repeat the questions asked in the devo.

Is my worship exalting myself or God?

Am I worshiping in a spirit of repentance?

God has created some pretty amazing beings and He created us too, but remember to worship God and not His creation.

Today is a very short blog because I just want you to think of the two questions that I asked.


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