God is a gracious God

For those of you that are following this is day 2 of the Bible Challenge.

In the devo it says to just stop, pause and listen to one of your favorite worship songs here is one of my favorite worship songs Glorious day by Passion.  When Jesus saved me He gave me something to look forward to. He gave me peace, joy, hope, and love that only He can give.  Each of us has our own story of where we came from before we met Christ, some are more drastic than other but the one thing they have in common is that He saved us from Hell and continuing down a road of destruction.

In the devo it talks about how God is a compassionate God and genuinely cares about His people.  Now I want you to stop and think about that. He really does care about His people, think about the Children of Israel and how he took care of them time and time again.  They would often find “other things to worship” or serve but God was still there taking care of them fulfilling the promises that He made to there forefathers. How many people can say that they have someone that cares for them that much? Not many I’m sure.

You see our God is slow to anger and a very gracious God. Once again thing of the children of Israel and how He gave them time and time again to turn from there sins and to follow Him.  He sent prophets and other people to remind the people of Him, and after a time He passed judgement.

Here are my question for you to think about today:

  1. Do you have joy in your life that sustains you all the time? Or does this joy only happen when you do something or consume something?
  2. Are you at peace even in the hard times?
  3. What kind of hope do you have is it a lasting hope?
  4. If you Do not know Jesus would you be willing to ask Him to be the Lord and Savior of your life.?

You see I often get asked way are so happy or joyful all the time you, you know what my answer is because i know Jesus. We all go through tough times in our lives and sometimes we don’t have peace who do we turn to during those times. I know I turn to Jesus to give me the peace that I need because I know He cares for me and He has shown me this time and time again in my life. Who do I put my hope in not this world, because it is a place that will one day pass away, but if we put or trust in Jesus we will be with Him one day in heaven.

I leave you with this my life verse

I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

but here is the the key part in verse 12 it says that you must turn from your wicked ways.

If you don’t know Jesus I urge you to get to know Him over these next 28 days see what He can offer you.

Take care my friends until tomorrow


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