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Been  while since I have posted on here, but wow a lot has happened and I have been blessed by God and found favor with Him in my life. I often think of the my life verse which says I know the plans I have for you. I have found that to be so true in my life in the last year since I came home after traveling around the US.

Having seen so much in the last 3 years in my home town and across the US I can definitely say that God Is not Dead. I have seen that there is a hurting world out there and that we have the answer as Christians, of peace, hope,and happiness.  Seems to me like we as Christians often forget this and whine an complain so much makes the world often think why would I want what they have if they are so miserable.  My challenge to you is to think of your actions and how you represent Jesus.

I hope to post more often starting with this post, will be posting I know about some of the exciting things happening in my life including teen camp which happened last week and the new and exciting things happening in my life.

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