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It’s already late spring and summer is right around the corner. Staying up here in Pennsylvania I have seen lots of different kinds of weather from snow to beautiful days. My days are coming to an end with Camfel and schools are starting to slow down. I am staying here with a friend that I met last year while with Camfel. So thankful to be able to stay in one place for a while the weather has been great and now I can go out and enjoy the weather some also. God has been good to me and blessed me with many good friends which I have met along the way. I was thinking as I am writing this how far I have come in the last 2 years. I have been across America countless number of times, east, west, north, south you name it I’ve probably been around in the area. I have now been to all 48 continental states. Visited a lot of national monuments and other historical places, some of which I would have never dreamed of visiting let along staying in some places that It could only be a God thing. To those of you that say that God doesn’t answer prayers nor fulfil dreams I say that is not true. I have always wanted to see the country and visit schools see what other parts of the country are like. This has given me a new understanding of what teens deal with today not only in the south but across the US. In state we were even allowed to share the Gospel in the schools, now how is that possible with the way that things are going in the US today? God had showed me many things that I hope I can use to help others in my ministry when I return to Pensacola. God does answer prayer but sometimes it may take a while for Him to work the details out so that we depend on Him more and realized that it was nothing of our own doing but that He was working on us through all our trials and troubles. So what does God have in store for me next well as of right now I am planning on returning to Pensacola this fall and taking a youth pastorate in Pensacola, but God only really knows. My plans are being made now but I know that just because I have plans made that God could say go this way instead. Please pray with me as I seek the next step in Gods will for my life. I am super excited to see what God wants to take me next, I know that it will be working with teens but where I am not sure of yet. I have been offered a few positions that I may consider but ultimately I am trusting in God to guide me as I make this important decision. Maybe you are a person that has a decision to make, my advice is to seek God and ask for guidance He knows where you need to be and why. One of the hardest things to do often is not the trusting part it is the obeying part, will you obey what God wants you to do or will you fall back on your own wisdom? If I would have done that I would not be where I am today, but I trusted what God told me and I went not knowing what I was getting into but only knowing that He told me to go. May God bless you as you trust Him and go on your unique path laid out for you. — This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software. https://www.avast.com/antivirus

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