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Well we just finished a two week stay with a ministry that reaches out to youth in Central Pennsylvania, had a great time. Glad that there are people in the area that care for not only those teens and kids that are in church but the ones that are not churched either. This Is my second year with Camfel and it always amazes me every time I get the opportunity to get to work with parachurch organizations and how they touch the lives of our youth and kids today. I always thought that it mattered more to how hip you are as to how you could reach children and youth. I am reminded of how I have learned that it doesn’t matter who you are but if you are willing to be used by God and willing to do what He asks that He will bless you and people will listen. I was once told that some of the most amazing people that work with kids and youth are those that genuinely care about them and show them God’s love. I always knew that was true in the back of my mind but often doubted it also. But seeing some of these people from all walks of life that sow into these kids’ lives on a weekly basis and the diversity of the parts of live that they come from. I have met a young person who is leading a group of his fellow peers in Bible study, he said that he is not sure what he Is going to say each week but that God gives him what to say and that he trusts God. I have seen some one that goes into the juvenile detention centers and makes a difference as a Chaplin. Not only does he get to speak the name of Jesus and teach the word of God to teens, but he has a passion and kindness about him that they respect and this man is in his late 60’s. This past week I met a man that has been doing youth ministry for 30 some years and is ready to pass on the torch to someone else, he is in in his late 60’s also. I have seen some of the helpers that are retired and just want to have something to do to keep them busy, but not only that they want to pass then knowledge of who God is to the newer generation of today. What are you willing to do for God to help show God’s love to others? I think of the story of Samuel when God was talking to him and his response was Lord here am I send me. As for me I know I’m not perfect and know that I’m not the most elegant speaker in the world but I am amazed how the kids respond to some of the things that I speak to them about. If you would have asked me 10 years ago do you think you will have an impact on people’s lives in the future, I would have probably laughed at you and said no. At the time I was satisfied with what I was doing I thought I had it all, but inside I truly wasn’t happy with who I was. When I came back home and rededicated my life to God I felt such joy and happiness that I wanted to do more. I started to volunteer with the youth and seen that I loved to do it. At the time I had a full time job making good money and doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing for God. With time God would test me and see how far I would be willing to trust Him. In the past I had trusted Him with so many things and He has always provided but often I believe we forget about those times in our lives. God started to move in my life and I soon lost my good paying job and then could not seem to find work and I didn’t know what to do but I remembered my life verse that say He has plans for me not to harm me but to give me hope and a future. I started to work and volunteer more at church and learned a lot about leading a youth group and the behind the scenes things that go on in churches today. I started to go into the schools and meet with kids on their turf and do Christian clubs, and meet with other youth pastors of the area. I found that I enjoyed doing that and seen that the kids that came to youth started to see me in their schools and seen that I really did care for them that I wasn’t just a guy who gets up in front of them on a weekly basis but I practiced what I preached. Do you show God’s love in your life daily? Sometimes it may just mean being kind to someone or even just listening to them in their time of need. This is all for now I will share more later on, I hope this has been and encouragement to someone. Be thankful for those that God allows you to meet cause you never know what part they may play in your life. — This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software. https://www.avast.com/antivirus

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