Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

Fa Well it has been a while since I last wrote been super busy but that is a good thing. I am currently in Pennsylvania working with a Christian organization called CPYM. They work with youth in schools and have meeting throughout the week just like youth group. It is amazing meeting other fellow youth pastors that have a passion for teens and kids. God has been good to me and Adam over the last few months by keeping us safe and allowing us some time to get to see some other team members along the way. God has allowed for me to meet so many great people that have had an positive impact on my life. Can’t believe I’m a year older and have been on the road for over a year now. I have seen so much of God’s beautiful creation this year I got to see the beautiful leaves as they change. I’m so glad that God created trees for us to enjoy not only shade in the summer but beautiful leaves in the fall. Soon there will be snow on the snow on the ground but that just means a few more months until summer. Talk to you guys soon — This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software. https://www.avast.com/antivirus

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