what a good day

Hello from Ohio been a while since I posted a blog sorry been enjoying my time off. I have done a lot since the last time I wrote been with some good friends and now am staying with a very good friend that I met 5 years ago. The temperature is finally warming up here in the north, although the nights are cool still. The shows have gone good and the kids have been very receptive. Have traveled all the way to Florida and am now in Ohio so we have gone quiet a long ways. I have had the last 2 and a half week off and enjoyed being able to relax some. While in sunny southern Florida we got to finally thaw out from the cold winter, we also got to relax at a nice resort and found a delicious restaurant to eat at while we were there. Time flies where your having fun and the few days we had there soon past and we had to move on to our next location. Next we went to South Carolina where we stayed a week with a partner of Camfel’s who works with YFC (Youth For Christ), was interesting meeting with fellow Christians from another organization. I have heard of this organization all of my life and to see them at work was an amazing thing. I enjoy the comedy café and the Christian comedian. While in South Carolina we went to the juvenile detention centers in the Columbia area and even went to North Carolina and did a show there. Being with some of these juveniles and hearing some of their stories touched my heart as to what is happening in the world today. Some of them as young as 11 and being tried as an adult for crimes that they have committed. We went to a few camps and also to the maximum security detention center where it is like a prison. In some of the intuitions we got to present the gospel and I was happy to see how well they received the message. The things that it reminded me of was that no matter what we have done God always once we ask for forgiveness He forgets what we have done and give us a new slate. I have been blessed by a friend that I met 5 years ago and helped along his journey of faith. If you would have asked me 5 years ago that I would still be good friends with this person and would be staying with him and his wife and being blessed by them I would have never imagined it. This reminds me that God knows the future and has our best interest in mind. God also knows how to take care of His children and will as long as we follow Him and stay in His will. On this journey that I am now on I have seen God’s hand at work in my life as He sends people my way to give me encouragement and sometimes help me along the way in other ways. Other times I am the one who encourages others and helps others along their journey. The next time that you help someone you never really know how God will use that person in your life but just remember that He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. — This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software. http://www.avast.com

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