St. Patrick’s Day

Well today was kind of slow got my hair cut and went to target. Been doing some school work and reading some. I have gone back to school taking online classes again, going for my B.A. in Christian ministry with an emphasis in youth. I am taking online classes at Grand Canyon University. Today while walking I had some time to reflect on all the things that God allowed me to experience over the last few years. I have gone from being on top of the world in my eyes to being able to help other and learning to depend on God for my every need. Nearly six years ago I came back to Pensacola to live with my mom and Mike, thinking I knew what I wanted to do but God had another plan for me and it started with coming home to where I grew up. Having moved away from home nearly 13 years earlier and leaving the path that God had started me on and discovering that what the world has to offer is not better that what God has in store for you. I started to go back to church with my parents and found that they had gone to a different church then I had grown up in, but found that they were very friendly people that love on you no matter who you were. Because of the love that they showed me and kindness I soon rededicated my life to Jesus knowing that I should have never left Him in the first place. Not long after I started to look for my place in the church in which I could serve, I knew I enjoyed working with youth and decided to start volunteering helping out with the youth group. I enjoyed helping young people and being able to share with them some of the things that I had gone through and that God will never leave you even if you leave Him. In 2010 I was asked if I wanted to be in the Easter program to which I agreed, I believe it was then that God placed in my heart that He wanted me to do more. I am not a person that likes the spot light like most people I would be just as happy doing the behind the scenes work but I felt that it was time for me to start branching out a little more. That fall I volunteered to help the youth group as a leader with two other people this was the first time that I had ever done something like this and was kind of nervous that I would not be liked or might mess up. To my surprise with much prayer and help from some of the other adult leaders I was fine with, although my team was never the biggest nor did we have the biggest group but we were a team that respected each other and made other feel welcome. I grew with my first group of kids that year a lot. I showed them the love of God through my life, and caring about them as a person not just a number. I tried so hard to get more teens to come but only had a hand full come. The one thing that was often said by others is that our small group was always consistent and very well behaved. I was proud of this group whom I had help to form and but it was not only for my sake but for their sake so that they could learn more about God and help to grow each one of them spiritually too. As the years went by I grew as did the kids respect for me I learned how to become a leader for other and live let my life be an example for them to see. I have seen probably 75 or so teens graduate and move on to other things, and each year I have tried to give each of them a small note that lets them know that I am here for them if they ever need to talk. Some have come back and talked and while others I have never known what kind of an impact I have had on their lives but I have learned that just because they never come back and talk that doesn’t mean that I haven’t had an impact on their life. It makes me think Psalms 22:6 “train a child in the way in which they should go and they will not depart from it” I hope that my life has had that kind of an effect on those teens lives which I have affected. I know that this is just the beginning of what God has planned for me and my future wow what a journey it has been. Many years ago I was taught the verse from Jeremiah 29:11 about God’s plans for my life is for hope and a future. I never would have imagined this is what He meant for my life and being able to touch thousands of kids and teens lives. If you give God a chance He has wonderful things planned for you but sometimes we must be patient and go through some trying times but the rewards far outweighs the trying times. May God bless you and hopefully this gives you encouragement in your life. The one thing that I remember is a quote from Ronald Reagan “we can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”. What will you do to help someone? — This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software.

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