Is Spring here?

Well it’s been a while since I last wrote but I am going to try writing again. Have survived a very cold winter up here in the north, lots of snow and lots of ice. Has been a while since I have seen that much snow many blizzards too. But through it all God has His hand on Deric and I, giving us unique opportunities to be able to show God’s love and kindness to others. Driving in snow is much different too, have to be much more careful to watch for others because not everyone remembers that you can’t stop on ice that quickly. Got to do a little sightseeing along the way but with it being so cold many blizzards often places would shut down early. Let me share some of the opportunities that God has allowed me to show His love and kindness have included just helping some people out of the road and other times witnessing to people while giving others encouragement. While driving to our hotel in Delaware we came across a car that was stuck in the middle of the road blocking traffic. Deric was driving and decided to pull over and help, when we got to the car we found that it was an elderly couple having car problems. We helped to push them off the road and into a parking lot, once we got there we found that they were having problems with the car starting. After a few moments it started we talked for a few minutes and made sure they were ok and they went on their way. They thanked us so much for helping them and we got to talk to them a little bite before they left. On another occasion while we were in D.C. I wanted to go to the Smithsonian museum so I set out to visit using the public transportation system but there were delays because of the snow and so I missed the train that would have gotten me there before it closed. Instead I went and did some other things. On the way back I caught the last train home and was planning on catching the bus back to the hotel home but missed it. Since I am not familiar with how bus system works I didn’t know that I was on the wrong side of the bus station to catch the bus that I wanted. A lady seen that I looked distraught and asked if she could help, I said yes I’m lost could you help me find my bus. She explained to me that I was on the wrong side of the bus station and missed the bus but I could catch another bus which goes the same way. While waiting I got to explain what I did for a living and that I love to work with youth and also I have been a youth pastor and help at church. We talked about youth today and some other issues but she said that by talking to me maybe should start going back to church. She helped me find my bus and helped me to get where I wanted to go so I could go eat and I thanked her for her help as I got off the bus. I ate and it was getting late so I knew I had to hurry up and catch the bus, but I missed the bus that would have taken me to the hotel. In a panic I seen that there was another bus that would come by in 10 minutes or I could wait for another bus that would be by in 50 minutes. I was unaware that the bus that I caught goes by the hotel but I would have to walk about a mile up the road to hotel. The bus driver was an middle aged black man, as I got on I told him where I wanted to go he told me that I could get on this but I would have to walk a bit. I got on anyways thinking that it would not be that far and wanted to get back to the hotel. As I got on I noticed that he had a Bible next to him. As we got a little bit closer to my stop I started up a conversation with the driver, since there was no one else on the bus but us at this point. I asked him about his Bible and if he read it, he told me that he did on his break and was a Christian but wasn’t sure of something and was kind of down. I shared with him my testimony and encouraged him that with God all things are possible. He then stopped right in front of the hotel and took a break for about 10 minutes as we talked more about God and church and the Bible. We prayed and I got off the bus and went to the hotel. I have been reminded that God will use those who are willing to take time and listen when God nudges and says something about me. I have often said that God timing is very different than our time, I have been reminded of it a lot in the last few months. Always be ready to give an account on God’s behalf and don’t be discouraged by the little things that may get in the way of your plans. God may want you to help someone or encourage someone that may need saving. Well that is all for now so many other things to say but I will save it for later. — This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software.

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