A long week

Well it has been a very long week been very busy was in New Jersey all week doing at least one school a day sometimes two. Weather was cold for most of the week but we survived. Most schools where very receptive and we were able to talk to some kids and before and after. We did our first interactive shows this week and they went off without a hitch. Takes time when you learn something new to make it your own. This is what I mean by interactive, we are now doing elementary shows where there are two breaks in the video and we get up and ask questions and get them engaged in the video. We only have like 30 maybe 45 second to do this so timing is everything. We also started to split the conclusions this week so we both talk now and bring a little more to the kids. Friday we had a small snow storm then turned to rain. Saturday I went out to museums here in Dover, there are a lot around here to see but got to see some things. Is actually nice being near civilization again, especially after having been in a place where there was not much to do for 8 days. I enjoy history and around here there is a lot of history to see and hear about. There is never enough time to see everything though, so I have to pick and choose what to see and hope I come back another time. You know in our Christian lives we have so much to choose from we need to learn to choose wisely what we see and do. We must be always prayerful and open to the Holy Sprits leading, not only that but testing what we learn against the Bible to see if it is true. It has been interesting seeing some of the places around here actually have Trust God or something similar on their marquis at hotels, I thought I was in the south back in the Bible belt again. Well enough for now more to come later. — This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software. http://www.avast.com

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