first week in review

Ok so I didn’t post every day the last week sorry I will try to do better but I do try to at least keep everyone informed. My first week back was a busy one went to two states already. Now I have a week off to take care of some other things which need to get done for the month that we also have to do. Still snow on the ground here in Pennsylvania. Today I saw a different sight, I saw an Amish man come out of a convince store and get in a truck and ride off with them maybe it is just me but aren’t they not supposed to be in cars? Today we went and visited schools in the area to see if they would like us to come their school and do an assembly the first 3 or so schools won’t even let a person in the school unless you have an appointment to be at the school. I was like wow these people are either very protective or just rude. I think that they are just protective, but we did get into one school and the policy was explained to us so I understood a little bit better. The policy is a very strict policy where no one outside is allowed in though to sell, distribute or be on campus, including fundraising from any organization. Each school building only has a few grades in it despite the name on the school (elementary might only have first and second, and another third, fourth and fifth) different but it works for this school district. I have been to a lot of schools in the last 6 months and it amazes me how each school district is so different. I have also visited many churches both friendly and some not so friendly I have learned that it doesn’t matter the size of the town, church or denomination. The one thing we all have in common is that we are supposed to love Jesus and be kind to fellow believers. I have been to some churches that go out of their way to do this yet while others say they do but in reality don’t. I am so glad that I have been part of churches that are friendly from the time you walk in the door till the time you leave, and are genuine about caring for others. To show someone that you love and care about them means so much to them, a person could be having a bad day and just by you walking up to them and saying “Hi” or “Welcome, glad to have you” can mean so much. After all we never really know who we may be entertaining it could be an angel and we are unaware. Next time you see someone at that you might know say “Hi” or something it may make their day. So this tour I’ve only visited two states so far but there are many more to come hope that you will stay with me as my journey had just begun. — This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software.

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