Day 6 and some more info

Well Friday was a pretty fun school we did two middle schools in New Jersey that were literally across the tennis court from each other. The first show we showed up to the school before the school started and of course no one was there yet so we waited for someone to show up which they did. We started to set up in the school gym where we were supposed to, and got it all set up and went to plug in the equipment an there was no power. We quickly ran down the janitor and he went and turned on the breaker, first time this had happened but it all worked out fine. Show went pretty well no major problems talked to the contact and we found out the other school was literally like 4 minutes away. That was a good thing since as we began to break down the equipment two of our screens fell face first on the floor. Kind embarrassing, cause everyone was still in the gym, but thankfully no one got hurt. We quickly grabbed the screens and seen what the damage was going to be, three broken legs which we could fix but not what we had planned for. We got everything done a little behind but with plenty of time to grab a bite to eat on the way over to the next school. At the next school we set up with plenty of time to spare, I also used a intro video that I had been working on to entertain the kids while they came in to the gym. I was shocked at how much they liked the video and it gave Deric and I a chance to talk to kids a little more cause they knew who we were. I found out the more silly the picture the better they like it well mine of course was a little goofy and they seemed to like it a lot they all wanted high five and wanted to say hello to us. The rest of the show went on fine, but we had to hurry up and get out of there before school was out because both schools let out at the same time and we didn’t want to get stuck in school bus traffic as they left. They Lord was with us that day and protected us. Well onto other things, as I told you last time I went to California to get my training for this job. I learned that we travel in pairs of two and go across the US, we have a schedule of what schools we are going to on what days and times we are supposed to be there. This was all new to me so I learned as much as I could as quickly as I could, the one thing I learned was this job was going to take some time getting used to. For the first week we set up the equipment and tore it down daily for 6-8hrs a day. Learning little tricks along the way to make things easier, but what made it a challenge for me was we changed partners so each time we had to get used to each other and the way each of us did things. As the week progressed and we started to get more familiar with each other and began to work more like a team with each other. Not only did we have to learn to set up and tear the equipment down we also had to learn how to troubleshoot and fix equipment if it broke. This was probably the hardest thing for me to do because it is a very quick learning curb how to sew, use different types of tools and things to fix each part that was kind of hard for me. The electronics part was the easy part and a lot of it is just common sense, but when it comes to repairing frames and sewing on buttons it took some time to figure out. So here is what I do with my partner I go into schools that we are scheduled to go to and set up three screens and show a quick video on Character and anti-bullying, there are several video’s to choose from covering different subjects but all have anti-bullying messages in them and how to make yourself better. Before one of us will introduce the video and get them excited about and make sure they know what to look for because after we talk about the video and challenge them to do what they saw in the video to help better themselves. This time around my partner is Deric, without him it would be hard to do what we do both of us are needed to help build each other up both on the job and spiritually. Although we may not be allowed by law to come straight out and talk about God and seeing if kids are saved, we still make a difference in the kids’ lives but showing them the love of God. Often changing their lives for the better, once in a while we do get the opportunity to talk about God and we make sure that they know we are Christians and that it is not by our strength but by His that we do what we do. I have had the opportunity to go into a few classrooms and talk to the kids was very different because you get to talk to the students in a smaller setting but it is much more personal and I believe has more of an impact on these kids. Only once was I able to go into the classrooms but I believe it made a difference in the kids live that I spoke with. Unfortunately most schools don’t want us to go into the classroom and do things like this they prefer it to be in a big assembly setting but it is harder to reach kids that way for Christ. I remember though what Paul says do what every you do as unto the Lord. The Holy Spirit will take care of the rest if nothing else I am planting seeds that may bloom someday down the road but I am doing what the Lord has called me to do. — This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software.

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