Day 5 with some background info on how I got here

Well today is actually day 6 but I will be catching up on my other two missing days blog posts, sorry guys I fell asleep on Thursday night, and last night well I had a lot going on. I am going to try and up load a picture gallery later too. Thanks hope you enjoy. Thursday went to a new school that Camfel has never been to, I always enjoy those schools because when they start coming in the room the students are so amazed at the stuff when they come in. I would have to say that elementary students are the most fun, because they like to clap to the music and get into the video a lot of times. Sometimes they are the most entertaining to the things that they say, like I might as how is your day going they would say good I have a dog. Funny and cute at the same time. Often we get the chance to eat lunch with the kids and we have an opportunity to talk to the kids there too, school lunches that’s another story. When we do eat lunch with them we get to talk to them on a more personal basis and often see how they act around their friends and it is fun sometimes we get to share a little more about us and I believe it has more of an impact on them. Thursdays lunch was actually pretty good, and cheap too. They had French toast sticks with syrup, broccoli and fruit, or applesauce. Kind different but was still good, have been to some schools where they served normal food but no taste, and then others that the food is prepared daily at a kitchen and brought into the school for lunch, those lunches are the best. So some of you really don’t know exactly what I do so I thought I would take a moment to explain a little of what I do. I work for a company that is called Camfel Productions, they are a Christian non-profit organization based out of Irwindale California. They have been in business over 43 years going in schools and doing school assemblies on character building and anti-bullying. When I left Pensacola last August I flew out to LA to train to learn how they do these assemblies and learn about the equipment that I would be using. Not only do they go in schools but they go in correction facilities (such as boys and girls ranches sometimes even jails I’ve heard never been to one yet but might) churches, and other places that want to teach about character and want and up beat program that kids will like. They also work with YFC’s (Youth for Christ) across the US, I have had the privilege of working with a YFC and they sponsor us go come into schools and they get a little advertising time to get kids to come to YFC and can explain the gospel to them there. It is a neat organization that loves the Lord and tries to spread the gospel even though in schools we are not allowed to. The video are based off Christian principles with a look and when good character looks like and how it can benefit the individual and how they can help other in their community and their family. They use real students in the local school to do sketches in the videos. I actually got to go to one of the schools we use to do our elementary videos at got to talk to the kids and the teachers that are in these videos, like to tell them thank you for participating in the video, and that they are having an impact on other students lives around the country. When I got to LA I was very nervous I just flew all the way across the US to come to a job that I have no clue how to do, never met these people and someone is supposed to pick me up at LAX in a transit. Sound sketchy doesn’t it, well I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think this is where the Lord wanted me. I had a peace about going out to California, but inside I was nervous as anything, everything fell in place from the beginning of hearing about this job I felt that this is what the Lord said that I need to do. I love to travel and love to work with kids and youth what an opportunity. When I did the interview process I passed all the questions and some of them were not all that easy but I believe the experience that I have had in the last 5 years has helped me a lot. We must always remember that God knows what He is doing even though it might not make sense at the time, His plan is perfect for us, but it is in His time not ours. I got the job on a Sunday evening and had 12 days to get out to California, I turned in my notice at Walmart, they were sad to see me go but said the I would be welcome back anytime. God gave me favor there cause I only worked there about 5 months, most of the time if you don’t work there the 6 months then you won’t be asked back. I also had to tell the church that I attend that I was leaving, I started going to Pensacola Worship Center in March and working with the youth, was kind of nervous cause I enjoyed working with the youth and would be sad to go. They were very understanding and encouraging this would be an opportunity of a life time doing things on a national level and being able to reach kids and youth for Christ. The last night I attended youth was bitter sweet, I had only been there a few months but when they went around the room and each student said something to me as a goodbye it was very touching to see the impact that I had made on their lives. I had only been there a few months and yet made a major impact on each and everyone’s life in the room. We had a few guest that night too that had known me from my other youth group and they said some things also that made me realize I may not be the most out spoken person in the world but I know that by living what I teach and loving on them that it has a major impact on their lives not matter what the age. Once I got to La and got to meet the people I would be working with I fit right in and made friend quickly, the one thing we all had in common was that we were all Christians and that made me feel right at home. The first day of training we started out with an early breakfast and a devotional, then off to training and learning about the equipment I would be working with. I learned that this job looks easy but really can be hard, there are a lot of little details that you have to pay close attention to. I was like what have I gotten myself into, the first time I work with the equipment I was like there is so much stuff to learn and it has to go a certain way hope I can get it all right but with time, patience, help from other and the knowledge God gave me I made it. Well that’s all for now I will continue this later. — This email is free from viruses and malware because avast! Antivirus protection is active.

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