Day 4

Well it’s still cold up here in the north, there is still snow on the ground too. Well today started early I started my day about 4:30 am show was at 7:55. While driving there found out how rough the roads are here in NJ, and found some ice on the roads was kinda scary cause you can’t really see it but it is there. I usually right my blog before I go to be after having gotten everything done, I have time to think over my day. So if i ramble some that is why.

I am enjoying this tour even though it is cold, just means have to dress warm and bundle up, but I can do that cause I brought a huge coat, beanie and gloves. I might buy a ski mask not sure yet but might, my coat has a nice warm hood on it, and the neck buttons up all the way up to my chin so I can stay warm. As I have heard you can always dress warmer, I am learning to dress in layers so that if I get to hot I can peal a layer off. Snow has stopped for now but might start again this weekend.

Enough about the weather now to the local news. The schools we have been in this time are vary large schools fun and for the most part well behaved and very receptive. Monday we went to a school that has 5th-8th graders in it and the place is huge we just had the 7th and 8th I believe and there were 1500 kids. When I talked to the principle he told me that he believes that there school is one of the largest middle schools in America and as far as building size it was huge. I thought our local schools were big this is just the middle school and I believe it is 3 stories tall and the building connects all the grades together I would say is about the size of 6 Olive baptist Churches maybe bigger. Their theater is about the size of the Sanger in Pensacola and was about 3/4 the way full, we only did one show at this school. So when I say these schools are big I mean they are big. They were so friendly though it is always nice to go to a school that is friendly makes your day so much better.

As for me well I’m just me enjoying getting to see the North East. I hopefully will be able to get so see some friends that I have not seen in a while. Our schedule this time around is light compared to what it was last time around, but I might be speaking to early. Have gotten to visit some places that I never knew I would get to go. Thank you God for giving me this oppertunity, to be able to see so much of your beautiful creation. I have seen so much of God’s beauty in the last 6 months. I now have a greater respect for God’s creation having seen beautiful mountain, lakes, canyons, forests, wildlife, rivers and much more. I can’t stop thinking that I serve such and awesome God, His creativity is endless and so beautiful. I never really intended this blog to have so many referenes to God and some preaching and gettin people to think. They more I write I can’t stop saying enough about God and often say my perspective on Him. He is the reason I’m here, and I’m honored just to serve Him in any way that I can. Seeing so many talanted people along the way, I often wonder why me what makes me so special to be able to have such an oppertunity? The answer I am willing and able to serve God where I can, I may not be as talented as some of the other people but God will use those who are willing. I pray that I can reach these teens and give them hope, not only to make it through school but that they see that they were created for a purpose and that they have someone that loves them no matter what and wants them to spend eternitly with Him in heaven. One last thing I thank God daily for having been adopted into such a loving Christian family. Thank you to all those people that have been in my life that have pointed me to God and never stopped praying for me. Well I think I’m going to turn in for now more to come tomorrow.

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