Day three snow already

Well here it is snowing been a while since I seen snow but I don’t miss it much. Got to our school early this morning and right before we got there it started to snow.  We waite maybe 30 minutes and in that amount of time the roads were covered in snow beautiful but dangerous.

When I stop to think about something so beautiful as snow  it reminds me of how somethings maybe beatiful and harmless at first appearence but can really be dangerous.  The school we were at today was on a hill and we backed up to the doors so that it would be easier to get our quiptment inside.  When I backed the truck up to the doors I quickly realized how dangerous snow can really be as I slipped around a little trying to get traction from my tires.

Sin is like that it seems oh so harmless to the naked eye but can really be quite dangerous. As I read my devotions in Proverbs today I was reminded of that when it says to listen to how listening to the wise and head their warnings so that you may become wise and stay out of the way of trouble.  I know that I have done things like this thinking it was something good but in reality it was nothing but a trick of the devil to get us to do wrong and we often pay for it later.

It has been a bitter cold two days here in the north but more is yet to come I am glad that I packed a warm coat,gloves and a beanie to keep my head warm.  Todays school was quite refreshing and very helpful.  It snowed from before sunlight until late this evening, once the snow stopped the temperature seemed to drop.  Dear Lord thank you for your protection today as we traveled today, keep us safe as our journey continues.

What is it like in the north in the winter cold, snowy and icy.  Yet so beautiful, as I visit parts of the northeast that I have never had time to go to before, I am thankful that I grew up in Florida even if there are hurricanes and tornados. Cold is a much different thing and hard to get used to but I will adapt I’m sure. Well off to bed for now early moring once again, tomorrow is a new day and brings new oppertunities to talk with others and witness and be a light to someone in need.

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2 Responses to Day three snow already

  1. Jeremy Empie says:

    Snow is pretty. We had about 8″ Monday. Now it is frigid cold – our low is -14 tonight. Stay warm!

  2. Doug Sasser says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed tell us more about what you do in the classrooms.

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