Day one of 2nd semestar

Well today started in Pensacola, Florida with overcast skies, as I headed toward the airport this morning. Got everything checked in said my  good bye’s to my mom and Mike  and headed to the line to get screened through the TSA checkpoint.  I just started to get in line when a young lady stared talking to me, wondering if I was from the Phillipians. I told her no I was not but was from here waiting on a plane to go back to work. She then told me she was from the Philipians and had a 30 hour flight ahead of here.  We continued to talk while we waited to go through the security check point, after which she dissapeared and  I could not find her. Maybe it was because I was held up while going through the checkpoint, my computer that i carry with me was taken off the belt and had to be looked at with tests. It took only about 5 minutes  and they found nothing. (As I expected) On the plane I met a young man that was on his way back to Nevada to a boarding school. As he shared with me that he was going there because of family problems and now was about to graduate in about 20 days and go off to college. He said that the boarding school that he attended has done him a lot of good.  I shared with him that I am a youth pastor was glad to hear how life was going for him and that there are many other teens that have problems to but that it is what we do with those problems that will shape our lives.  He agreed and we talked a little more before he dozed off to sleep the rest of the way. I think back on that and think of how many problems there are out there that teens and kids have to deal with out there in the world today. As we begin a new year and a new semestar of school remember to pray for our schools because Satan has a strong foot hold in them and we need to take them back so that our teens won’t have as much garbage to deal with.  Pray for our youth pastors that help to encourage the young people and challenge them so that they will stay strong in God’s word and seek Him with all their heart. I can say that over the last 6 months that I have seen some sorrow and dispare but I’m so glad that I serve the one who can give us life and life more abundantly. I think of my life verse Jeremiah 29:11 He has a plan for everyone, but in verse 12 it says we must turn from our wicked ways.  I’m so glad that I turned from my wicked ways, God has blessed me so much in the last year and has given me great oppertunities to be able to witness to others.  Who will you witness to in the new year? Did you witness to anyone last year? If not then change that and witness to someone this year. One of the biggest witnesses that you have is how you live your life. If you lived like hell last year life for Jesus this year. Well now it is time for bed the fun starts tomorrow.

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